Mg Photography

Arun & Bakiya Wedding Traser.


Wedding captured in Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu by one of the best wedding photographers – Mg Photography


Remember when you were growing up as a girl, every wedding that you witnessed gave you one or the other what you now call as ‘wedding goals’. All set for their wedding, Arun & Bakiya on a beautiful journey as a couple much in love.


A serious of events captured beautifully by Mg Photography will surely leave you awestruck.


This wedding video beautifully captures in Thanjavur, while encapsulating the romance and chemistry that the couple shares at the same time. The sequence of the events, right from the couple getting ready to the actual functions, are well-oriented and Mg Photography has managed to express the very essence of an Indian wedding, in all its glory! It was a treat to watch the guests having so much fun at the wedding, while the focus gradually shifted to the main ceremony of the Pheras. The slow motion effect effectively demonstrated the importance and sentiments involved in that one ceremony that would change the lives of the couple and the families forever.”


Written By - Ahamed on 12 Jun, 2020